We Publish Courses On Spirituality, Creativity, & Entrepreneurship

At Plural Press, we partner with leading teachers to create media, programs, workshops, tools, and experiences that help you come alive. We're here to inspire new actions, new conversations, and new ways of being.

What We Stand For

We Believe Transformation Inspires Real-World Action

Inner work is expressed through tangible actions like building a business, making art, creating success, or nurturing relationships. However, this work is about more than just "results." It's about the quality of your life.

We're here to help you:

We Believe In Helping Remarkable Teachers Thrive

Our teachers are doing real work in the world and embody what they teach. They inspire possibility. And they're not afraid to lean into the weird, uncomfortable, or messy aspects of being human. (We do not work with self-professed gurus who claim unquestionable truth and who offer nothing more than hacks and prescriptions.)

We empower our teachers so they can focus on what they love and are best at... without stressing about course creation, design, tech, logistics, or marketing. (That's the stuff we're good at.)

We Believe Learning Should Be A Magical Experience

We aim for you to fall in love with the courses we create. Not only because they're interesting or get results. But because the entire experience is magical.

This includes everything from how we market and sell our programs, to the design of our courses, to the communities we grow around them.

What We've Created... So Far

Cave of Monsters

Cave of Monsters is the spiritual home of Plural. Colin Chung and Joshua Harbert write about "practical spirituality". They believe inner work drives higher returns than any single system, strategy or skill-set... and that people get stuck when they starve their soul.

Freelancing (name TBD)

This is our course on building a thriving freelance career. We'll help you attract and work with truly great clients -- those rare people who value your ideas, are a pleasure to work with, and who happily pay you what you're worth. (Hint: It's about deeply connecting, being helpful, and growing a supportive community around your work.)


The premise is simple: Colin reads books on entrepreneurship, growth, and spirituality. And he pull out the most useful insights for you. And then -- he turns them into actionable summaries you can use right away in your business and life. For more info, go to osmosis.dev.

Meet The Team

Plural was founded by a team of six:


Besides being active students of personal growth ourselves... we have a combined 52+ years of marketing, copywriting, and design experience. And we've generated over $50mm in sales for our clients (bestselling authors, personal development experts, publishing firms, health companies, and more).

At the core though...

We're a studio of artists and craftspeople.

We choose to do this work because we can. It offers a grand excuse to make things we love and work with people who inspire us.